EasyGOST - The fast way towards Russia and the CIS countries

Russia and the GUS states are building together a market made up of millions of consumers and industrial clients. It is one of the biggest emerging markets in the world and it is day by day more integrated in the globalized economy. This makes it attractive for companies which want to take the chance of growth and of profits. Nevertheless, there are still several obstacles to overcome before the export can begin.  

These obstacles to the market entrance are the quality verifications, the so-called GOST Certificates, which are necessary for the import of foreign goods. The certificates are the main condition for the export in the Russian market. Every company, which wants to sell their product in Russia, has got to concern this.

This does not mean the end of many profitable imports to Russia.  We help you with our services to make your business going right:

  • Fast
  • Client orientated
  • Competent

Concentrate upon your core business!

We are going to analyze your special business situation, overcome the language barriers for you, lead you through the jungle of bureaucracy and find the right partner for you who does take the necessary technical tests.    

Our services:

We prepare your way for your business success in Russia and all states of the former USSR. Our knowledge is based on our longtime international business experience. In this context we have solved the most difficult business problems for our clients. Your benefit is our success!