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EasyGOST EAC Service – your reliable and competent partner for EAC Certifications

We have been dealing with certifications for Russia & CIS for over 10 years. Our customer base is spread across all continents worldwide. Nevertheless, the main inventory is located in Europe.

Our greatest ambition is to make your life easier. Only when this is successful do we regard our work as successful.

We are proud that so far all our customers are satisfied with our work and we have successfully turned problems into solutions.

Although the EAC certification includes many technical regulations, we focus on the following TRs:

GOST certifications are also part of our department:

  • GOST Certificate for Belarus, Kazakhstan;
  • GOST R Certificate for Russia.

Also in the field of metrological certifications, we ensure that our customers can feel completely happy and carefree:

  • Metrological Certification for Belarus;
  • Metrological Certification Kazakhstan;
  • Metrological Certification for Russia.

When processing customer orders, we prepare necessary technical documentation by ourselves, such as:

Our low-cost translation service, which benefits from our vast network of professional translators, also opens up new market opportunities for our clients. For you we translate documents and texts from:

  • Russian to european languages;
  • European languages in Russian.

We do not only take care of your certifications, but also often carry out subsequent audits for you. By combining several audits at the same time, we can often offer you a cost-effective alternative. Our flexibility regarding the choice of date ensures that our customers almost always reach their desired date.

Certification according to the standards and guidelines of foreign countries is difficult to understand for people who are not familiar with this field. Don't worry about the task anymore.
We at EasyGOST EAC Service take care of this and make it easier for you to open up new markets for your products.