Certification for Belarus

In general the certification process for Belarus is similar to the processes in the other States of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Russian Federation, but there are some differences, which an exporter should know about to sell his goods in a proper and adequate way and avoid problems.

The certification institution of Belarus is the GosPromNadzor authority. Like its Russian pendent the authority designate the certificates with the support of the expertise of accredited inspection experts after a certification process. The judgement does confirm the compliance of the export goods with the regulation standards of Belarus. The certification process does last in between two and three months, when the necessary measures are conducted in a professional and qualified manner. Otherwise, with no knowledge about the administrative processes in the CIS and special in Belarus, it could take far much longer or fail after vain endeavour. In your interest we highly recommend to allow us to manage the process so far and easy as it is possible. We are looking for shortcuts. For examples in some, even though rare cases a full certification process is not always prescribed. If the quantity and the prize of the exported goods are low enough, maybe a prize below 20 000 €, we can apply for an exception of the regulation norms by the GospromNadzor Director and the authority maybe decide to shorten the process. A revision of the technical documents, the responding of requests of the authority and a check of the legal requirements of the company will then be sufficient to match the criteria of the norms.

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