Certification for Russia

GOST Certification duty

In the former USSR exists nowadays a market made up of millions of consumers and industrial clients. There are enormous opportunities to gain growth and profits for the enterprises, which take the chance, but before you are able to enter the market the certification of your products is legally dictated.

The quality certificates, also called GOST certificate in Russia, are the regulation instruments, which assure the conformity of the imported goods with the Russian quality standards. These certificates are comparable to the DIN and ANSI norms. A violation of the certification terms is against the Russian law. The aim of the certification is to guarantee the functioning of domestic economy and the protection of the end consumers and employees from dangerous products and implements. For this purpose, the goods must be technically tested by an independent institution. This one has got to be accredited by the competent standardizing agency of Russia, the so called Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, based in Moscow.

According to the Russian law it could be in some cases necessary to apply for further certificates. This is often the case when special facts of occupational safety and consumer protection are related.

Examples of certificates except GOST
  • sanitary epidemiological certificate for substances which have contacts with human bodies
  • proof for the food imported for the first time and similar products with special risks
  • fire protection certificate
  • measuring equipment certificate to confirm the proper functioning of measurement equipments
  • operating license RosTechNadsor (RTN)   
The main reason to apply for a certificate are the legal regulations, but besides this, there is another motive to get a certificate. You can take the certificates as marketing instrument.


The history of national standards went back to the year 1925. Since then the GOST standard has developed a good reputation in the former states of USSR. It is nationwide recognized as quality attribute and both business clients and end consumers appreciated the warranty of the certifcates. Products without GOST certification are not trustable in the Russian community. The sale of these goods is more difficult and they can often only be placed with big price concessions. For these reasons the GOST certificate standard has become accepted as an strong instrument of product policy, in order to make  the domestic markets of the Russian Federation and other lands accessible.

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