Fire Safety certificate for Russia

Like the Hygiene Certificate, the Fire Safety Certificate is also a precondition for the GOST R Certificate. Products with a higher risk of burning has to be checked in the run-up by experts.

The test of the machines covers the

  • resistance capacity of the materials against fire,
  • the functioning reliability of apparatus,
  • the hazard of emitting  toxic substances.

The following types of products are especially under obligation to fire protection certification:

  • Building materials, eg cable and lift funnel or doors and windows.
  • Equipments for fire brigade and fire barriers.
  • Materials, like plastics, floor covering.
  • Apparatus of electro industry, for example, telephone and household apparatus.

The fire protection classifications by the Russian regulation offices are modified steadily on account of the technological progress. We keep an eye on the developments to deliver a service on the height of latest changes.

Because of this we are able to support appropriate and expecting your request.

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