GOST R Certificate for Russia

The standardizing process is organized by the official state authority Rostekhregulirovaniye, which is located in Moscow.

The quality certificates are the main instruments of this agency to regulate and guarantee the comformity of the imports with the Russina quality standards. These certificates are comparable to the DIN and ANSI norms and protect the the end consumers and employees from dangerous products and implements. The violation of the of the regulations will cause seriously legal actions.

Below some examples for goods with certification duty are listed:

  • Equipment machines such as pumps, elevation appliances, boring machines, cranes, which are used in mining, oil and natural gas exploitation.
  • Technical instruments, which are needed by infrastructure procedures, for example, by transportation and telecommunication.
  • Products which contain risks for the health of consumers, for instance, foods, medicines, cosmetics, toys, but also electric household apparatus.
  • Chemical products like pesticide for agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • Machines for industrial production and those with a special potential exposure to danger, by which, e.g., fire protection must be considered.

If the certification process is ended sucessfully the GOST certificates are handed out to the applicant and he is allowed to dispose the GOST signet, a logo, made up of 3 letters (RST) and a register number, which should be fixed apparent and viewable on the package or the imports itself. With this identification sign problems are exccluded and the customs authority are able to check the imports in an an easy and uncomplicated way.

So the GOST certficates make it possible to accelerate the business processes and recduce time and administration efforts.

The GOST-R-Certificates are required for different official cause, for instances, e.g.:

  • by leaving customs
  • by inspection on the market or by production
  • by safety check of building works

According to business planning, different variants of GOST-R-certificates can be applied. It's possible to issue a certificate for only a single delivery or for serial deliveries.

Certificate for serial deliveries

Companies which aim for a longterm engagement should consider the certificate for serial deliveries. The duration of the certificate varies, according to product, from 12 months to 3 years. Within this period the certificated product can be imported in unlimited quantity and frequency. It is followed by an annual inspection (audit), in order to make sure, that the goods are unchanged and are produced permanently by the same standards.

Certificate for single deliveries

If the company aims for one special delivery towards the Russian Federation only, e.g. a certain kind of machine, it is recommended to choose the certificate for single deliveries. This certificate counts only for one company, one import contract and a fixed amount of a special product.

It would be our task to advise you, which type of certificate is most favorable for you. Afterwards we organize the complete process of certification for you. Our local Russia partners, our longterm experiences with official authorities and our uncomplicated working mode help help us to open the door towards Russia for you. Your interests stay always on top for us.

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