Hygiene Certificate for Russia

Hygiene certificate (Sanitary epidemiological statement)

The imported hygienic products has to comply with the given legal requirements. This is a key aspect for the foreign trade with Russsia. It is essential: no operation inland is possible without the hygiene certificate. As the other types of certificates the hygiene certficate confirms the accordance of the imports with existing legal definitions and includes specially a large number of economic activities, which affect the hygienic circumstances. The spectrum is ranging from products and working procedures to different kind of services in healtcare or other sectors.

You have to know, for all kind of nourishments these certificate is even more important than the GOST-R certificate. The following categories of products impart an impression of the variety of cases in which the hygiene certificate is necessary:

  • Products for children. All products that are used by children and therefore could harm the well-being of children:  toys, writing materials, and other school accessories, such as school bags, sports equipments and similar items, as well as all of the synthetic materials, which are used by production of products for children.
  • Foods in all variants, either in the form of liquid or as food supplement.
  • The operating facilities for foods and cosmetics.
  • All materials with the risk of penetrating into human bodies, either through skin contact or through breath or via foods: packing materials, cleaning mixtures, cosmetics, toys, water processing equipments, furnitures, chemical and petrochemical substances.

The sanitary epidemiological statement should particularly to its importance never be underestimated. In many cases the hygiene certificate is the obligatory requirement to gain the GOST-R certificate.

The duration of the hygiene certificate lasts up to 5 years.

It could also be inquired by responsible official agencies after customs clearing is finished for a late trade control, when the product is ready for sale.

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