Metrological Certificate for Russia (Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments)

The metrological certificate is a special variant of the GOST-R certificate. It concerns mostly the operating security of measuring equipments. This certificate will be issued directly by the agency for technical regulation and metrology (Rostechregulierovanie). The basis of permission is the proceeding test of equipments by accredited experts of a state metrological institution. Without accomplished and certified tests, no permission would be granted. The registration can refer to a specific equipment or a type of equipment.
  • By single certification, the manufacture number of equipment is to be registered. The equipment is therefore exactly marked and the certification reaches to this equipment exclusively. This permission is recommended for a single exportation.
  • By series certification, a type of equipment is to be registered. A specification of equipment through manufacture number wouldn't take place. The duration lasts for 5 years. Within this period of time, equipments can be exported as many as you like.    
The registration includes the entry of the equipment as well as the type of equipment in the data bank of regulation offices. It provides the advantage that an once enrolled equipment must not be registered repeatedly. This can, for example, reduce the organizing workload after the expiration of the certificate.
Beside the application of the regulation to measuring equipments, the controlling rules of metrological certificate reaches also for other aspects, like:
  • public health, veterinary medicine, environment protection, protection of labor
  • trade activities, commercial contracts relations, banking
  • national accounting activities, national defense, taxation, customs and post offices, manufacturing of goods for national uses, measurement by order of courts, public prosecutors, court of arbitration, and Russian national offices
  • geodesic and hydro-meteorological activities
  • registration of national and international sport records     
The single definitions are complicated and not direct for the laymen to understand. Besides, the regulations are partly supplemented on the regional lever. This makes the situation additionally more difficult.

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