Product registration for Russia

The product registration is an official permission, which is applied for the Russian Federation by Russian ministry for health and social development. It's required for a product, which
  • has not been produced yet, namely, which is completely new
  • has not been exported or sold in the Russian markets
  • is special, closer to specific product category  
As to the last product category, it refers to those products that can present a risk for well being and body of human. The following listed belong to  such kind of goods:
  • medicine, perfume, cosmetics, tobacco, oral hygiene products
  • nutrition for small children, diet products, food supplement, gene manipulated foods, food additions, bio-technologically altered products, e. g,  those enriched with proteins and other foods, and all those foods that are produced by technologies which up to now have never been used in Russia
  • chemical household items, disinfectants, pesticides, as well as technical agencies, which are used in the purification of water  
This list is neither completed nor static. Please turn to us directly, so that you can get the information about the product registration for your business plans. We are always ready to help you!

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