RosTekhNadzor Permit to Use for Russia (RTN)

The regulator has to guarantee the conformity of consumer and industrial commodities with Russian norms. Certain products are special challenge to the authority, because they contain a special risk potential far in excess of the regulations standards and can be combustible, poisonous, oxidizing, explosive or otherwise harmful to humans and the environment.   

In these cases, beside the GOST-R certificate, a Rostekhnadzor permission (RTN Permit to Use, formerly called GGTN ) would also be required.

The RTN operation license is issued by the Russian Federal Industry Supervision Office. The board is responsible for the implementation and supervision of security and quality standards of commodities in oil, gas, and mining industries as well as of operating facilities with potential risks.

Types of products with such a deep going risk potential are machines and equipments designated for the application under the conditions of an industrial enviroment with the hazard of interaction with likewise potentially dangerous materials.

These kinds of equipments are considered as risky:

  • Machines and equipments under pressure
  • diverse apparatus, like refrigerant facilities, compressors and centrifuges
  • mining equipments,
  • operating facilities used in very perilously application areas.

Due to technological progress the reulation specifications and parameters are changing continuously, e.g. the indicated values of equipments under pressure are often newly adjusted. 

Beause of the risk potential the application process for the Rostekhnadzor permission is not easily gained, but we are ready to pave your way and poised to organize the process and route you it into the right direction.

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