Certification for Ukraine

The import regulation rules of Ukraine are principally the same as the standards of Russian  Federation, but there are still some differences in details. The UkrSEPRO certificate is the pendant of Ukraine to the GOST-R certificate.

The Ukrainian certification process are similar to the Russian in the below-mentionend parts. Necessary are a
  • product registration,
  • UkrSEPRO certificate,
  • GosGorPromNadzor certification (operation license),
  • Exemption Letter (negative statement)
  • hygiene certificate.
However, the process in Ukraine more complicated and to to complete the process successfully it requires an additional expertise concerning the national law and legislation. The total application costs should also expected to be higher than in Russia.

Another important difference is the procedural method of the testing facilities. The expert of the facilities are conducting there operations locally in the company. This means, usually they must travel to the enterprise, which make it more cost-intensive.

This doesn’t imply the trade with Ukraine is without avail. We can negotiate the administrative obstacles for you, so you can make lucrative dealings with your Ukrainian counterparts.    

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