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EAC Certification for the EAEU

What is an EAC certificate?

EasyGOST EAC is your contact for EAC certification. Products which should be imported into the Eurasian Economic Union (EAWU) must have a so-called EAC certification. The EAC certification thus identifies products that meet the requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union. We take care of the complete processing. With our help, nothing stands in the way of importing products any more.

We explain to you what you need to know about EAC certification:

  1. For which countries do I need an EAC certification? 
  2. Our services for obtaining an EAC mark. 
  3. How to apply for EAC certification. 
  4. Validity and special features of EAC certification. 
  5. What is the difference between the EAC declaration and the EAC certificate?
  6. Request now without obligation. 

1. For which countries do I need an EAC certification?

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAWU) is an international organisation which is responsible for regional economic integration. It is defined by the EAWU Treaty and has an international legal personality. The aim of the Union was to optimise competitiveness and cooperation between the economies of the Member States and to promote stable development.

The EAWU ensures the free movement of goods, services, capital and labour. It shall aim at a coordinated, harmonised and uniform policy in the concerned sectors. These aspects are defined by the Treaty and the international agreements in the Union and are reflected in an EAC certification for products.

EAC Zertifizierung in der Eurasischen Wirtschaftsunion

There are currently five Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) (source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurasische_Wirtschaftsunion):

  • the Republic of Armenia
  • the Republic of Belarus
  • the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • the Kyrgyz Republic
  • the Russian Federation.

The Eurasian Economic Commission is the permanent supervisory authority of the EAWU and started its project on February 2, 2012. Since 2009, the predecessor organization (Customs Union Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan) has been operating the agreed policy in the field of technical regulation, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, which are also implemented by developing and approving Technical Regulations (TRs) with mandatory requirements for goods. In order to authorise the sale of a machine or product within the customs territory, an EAC certification or declaration of compliance with the requirements of the relevant Technical Regulations (TRs) is required.

In this respect, the scope of application may extend from several sets of rules to the same type of goods.

2. Our services for obtaining an EAC (Eurasian Conformity) mark for the following technical regulations

Our EasyGOST EAC service for the EAC certification has specialized in the following regulations concerning mechanical engineering products and electronic products:

EAC TR CU 004/2011 ‘Low Voltage Directive’
EAC TR CU 010/2011 ‘Machinery Directive’
EAC TR CU 012/2011 ‘Explosion Protection Directive’
EAC TR CU 016/2011 ‘Gas Appliance Directive’
EAC TR CU 020/2011 ‘EMC Directive’
EAC TR CU 032/2013 ‘Pressure Equipment Directive’

According to the legislation of the Customs Union, products that fall within the scope of the obligatory requirements of the Technical Regulations are permitted to be traded in all countries if the conformity confirmation has been issued for these products on the territory of one of the member states of the Customs Union. The following aspects must be taken into account:

  • the required tests must be carried out by test laboratories (test centers) registered in the Customs Union unitary register; 
  • the goods must be certified by a certification authority registered in the Customs Union’s unitary register; 
  • the certificates and declarations of conformity must be issued in a uniform form approved in the customs union. Products subject to certification include perfumery and cosmetics products, light industry products such as clothing, shoes, textiles, food and chemical industry products, as well as mechanical engineering products, electrical engineering, machines and equipment, means of transport and packaging.

Products subject to certification include perfumery and cosmetics products, light industry products such as clothing, shoes, textiles, food and chemical industry products, as well as mechanical engineering products, electrical engineering, machines and equipment, means of transport and packaging.

3. How to apply for EAC certification

Whoever wants to import products into the Eurasian Economic Union and needs an EAC certification, can only do so through a local legal entity. Companies from third countries can therefore apply for EAC certification only through an intermediary without a representation in the country. We at EasyGOST EAC Service are your partner for just this application.

We will know in no time at all, whether your product requires EAC certification or declaration. If this applies to your products, we will select a suitable scheme for you and taking into account the special features of your goods. However, we need some documents from you. 

These can include technical documentation, material test controls, test controls, circuit diagrams, welding proofs or drawings as well as a large number of documents and proofs in Russian. Our specialists check exactly which documents are required and discuss the next steps with you

Together with our experts from leading laboratories and certification centers, we perform the necessary tests to ensure the conformity of your goods with the requirements of the EAC TR CU.

If these tests are positive, the safety of your certified products is guaranteed and you receive EAC certification. Possible problems with monitoring bodies will be avoided in the future through EAC certification.

In order to prove the safety and conformity of your products, you will receive a certificate that enables your goods to gain access to the market. Then you can start with the delivery of your products.

EAC Zertifizierung im Prüflabor

If you need further information or are unsure which requirements apply to your product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at EasyGOST EAC Service work responsibly and create trust with our customers. Avoid future problems with our cooperation.

4. Validity and special features of EAC certification

The EAC certification harmonises the individual systems of the Member States enormously, because procedures and rules have been harmonised. This also means that an EAC certification issued in Russia is also valid in Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

The EAC certification can happen in two different ways. This means either contract or series production related. Depending on the regulations, the certificate is valid for up to 5 years.

The appearance of the certificate also has special features which, as security features, protect against misuse. In addition to watermarks and signature fields with microprinting, the paper also incorporates fine mélier fibres and guilloche (protective patterns). The document is also provided with a unique number, which is also entered in the Central Register. This number provides information about the issuance of the EAC certification.

Example: TC RU-C-DE. XX00. B. 00000 

TC stands for the customs union, RU stands for the abbreviation of the issuing state (here RU for Russia), the C stands for certificate, DE indicates the country of manufacture (here DE for Germany), the next four digits stand for the certification authority, B or A stands for the certification type (A for unique certification and B for series certification) and the last digits indicate the consecutive number of the certificate.

5. What is the difference between the EAC declaration and the EAC certificate?

The EAC certificate certifies that the products comply with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union. The certification and quality assurance of the products is carried out by the respective certification body. Therefore, the responsibility lies not only with the manufacturer but also with the certification body itself.

The EAC certificate of conformity is issued on an official form. The EAC declaration is a certification of the minimum requirements of the technical regulations and is made on normal DIN A4 paper in a uniform prescribed form. This EAC Declaration of Conformity is issued by the manufacturer or importer himself by declaring that his products conform to the EAC requirements. This procedure therefore differs from the certificate. The manufacturer himself can, depending on the declaration scheme, carry out all necessary analyses and tests and has the declaration entered in the register by an accredited certification body of an EAWU member state. The responsibility for the declaration therefore lies with the applicant, the s. g. Declarant. An EAC declaration, like an EAC certificate, has a validity period of 1 to 5 years in relation to the respective regulations.

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