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Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment” (TR CU 004/2011)

Since 5 February 2013, the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the Safety of Low-Voltage Installations” TR CU 004/2011 have been generally applicable. The company EasyGOST EAC Service enables a certification of products according to this TR to keep the process as simple as possible.

The term “low voltage” refers to all equipment which is operated with lethal voltage. Since a large number of such devices are used in everyday life, it is all the more important to ensure the safety of people in their environment. Certification in accordance with TR CU 004/2011 is required in order to ensure the reliability of the equipment, to place it on the market and to avoid inspection problems in relation to the inspection bodies.

Scope of Regulation

The certification according to TR CU 004/2011 includes almost all devices which are operated with alternating voltage from 50 V to 1000 V and with direct current from 75 V to 1500 V. The certification is based on the following standards. This includes the following groups:

  1. Electrical devices and household appliances:
    • for linen, clothes and shoes handling (washing, ironing, drying, cleaning); 
    • for cooking, food storage and mechanization of cooking works; 
    • for maintenance and control of indoor microclimate; 
    • for housekeeping and indoor cleaning; 
    • for hair, nails and skin care; 
    • sanitary and hygienic; 
    • for vibro-massage; 
    • for body warming; 
    • extension cords; 
    • audio and video equipment, television and radio sets; 
    • gaming, sports and fitness equipment; 
    • lighting equipment and light sources; 
    • power supply units, charging devices, constant voltage regulators; 
    • for gardening; 
    • for aquariums and garden pools; 
    • sewingand knitting; 
    • electric pumps; 
    • wiring devices; 
  2. Personal electronic computing machines (personal computers). 
  3. Low-voltage equipment connected to personal electronic computing machines. 
  4. Electric musical instruments. 
  5. Electric hand tools (manual and portable electric machines). 
  6. Cables, wires and cords. 
  7. Circuit breakers, residual current devices. 
  8. Electrical devices for electric system control. 

ТR CU 004/2011 are not applied for:

  • medical devices;
  • electrical equipment designed for operation in explosive environment; 
  • electrical equipment for military purposes; 
  • electrical equipment intended for safety systems of reactor facilities of nuclear power plants;
  • control devices for grazing fences; 
  • electrical equipment used on air, water, land and underground transport; 
  • electrical equipment of elevators and cargo lifts (except for electrical machines).

Contents of the document

TR CU 004/2011 includes:

  • requirements to safety of the products;
  • rules of market circulation of low-voltage equipment;
  • mandatory requirements to the operating documentation;
  • rules of certification and declaring of low-voltage devices;
  • requirements for equipment marking.

The Technical Regulation TR CU 004/2011 defines binding requirements for operational documentation

The necessary documents are drafted in Russian and in the languages of the Member States of the Customs Union. These can also be inserted on electronic media.

The documents should contain the following points:

  • specifications and parameters;
  • rules and conditions of installation, storage, handling (transportation), sale and disposal (if necessary, setting respective requirements);
  • month and year of low-voltage equipment manufacture and (or) information on location of manufacture year marking and the determination method; 
  • information on the low-voltage equipment purpose; 
  • information on measures to be taken in case of failure of the equipment;
  • name and location of the manufacturer (authorized representative of the manufacturer), importer, contact information;
  • rules and conditions of safe operation (use).

Our services

Our specialists from EasyGOST EAC Service examine the technical documentation concerning the export equipment and determine the need for its certification according to the TR CU 004/2011 regulations.

In order to comply with the requirements of the technical regulations, we select a conformity confirmation scheme (certification scheme).

By working with experts from leading laboratories and certification centers to perform testing as needed, we can confirm your product's compliance with TR CU 004/2011 requirements.

If this is successfully confirmed, the safety guarantee of the certified devices for humans is ensured. This avoids problems with monitoring points.

Upon successful confirmation of the conformity of your products in accordance with TR CU 004/2011, you will receive a certificate that enables your goods to enter the market. The delivery of your goods can then begin.

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