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Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “Safety of Equipment for Working in Explosive Media” (TR CU 012/2011)

On 15 February 2013, the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the Safety of Equipment intended for Operation in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres" (TR CU 012/2011) entered into force.

It is very important that the equipment used in a potentially explosive gas or dust environment does not present an explosion hazard. With TTR CU 012/2011 certification for your equipment, you have the official right to use it in potentially explosive atmospheres. We offer you a certification of your products according to TR CU 012/2011 at an optimal benefit and fair price.

These regulations apply to electronic equipment, ex-components and non-electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Complex production plants consisting of a large number of ex-components, as well as elements of control and protection systems (signal lamps, limit switches, etc. ), sensors, measuring instruments and many other less complex devices and devices can be certified without any problems.

The presence of an ex-tag, which is an identification feature of equipment and ex-components for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as an explosion protection device provided by the manufacturer and specified in technical documentation.

Scope of application of the regulations

TR CU 012/2011 contains explosion-proof equipment, which is divided into the following classes:

  • groups (areas of application); 
  • temperature classes;
  • explosion protection level;
  • explosion-endangered areas;
  • types of explosion protection.

The Technical Regulations TR CU 012/2011 do not contain:

  • equipment the operation of which creates a risk of explosion solely through the presence of explosive substances and unstable chemical compounds;
  • nuclear weapons, research facilities of undertakings of the nuclear defence complex, excluding equipment integrated therein used in potentially explosive atmospheres;
  • equipment for domestic and non-industrial use under conditions where an explosive atmosphere is created by an unforeseen emission of combustible gas;
  • medical products;
  • sea vessels, inland waterway vessels and ships engaged in mixed voyages (river-sea vessels), mobile offshore platforms and drilling platforms for work in sea and inland waters, other floating craft and machinery and equipment used on such craft;
  • body preservative;
  • vehicles used for public road transport and capable of carrying persons and goods by air, land, rail or sea.

Contents of the document

TR CU 012/2011:

  • their safety requirements, in particular with regard to their design;
  • labelling requirements;
  • binding requirements for technical documentation;
  • regulations for the market movement of equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres;
  • procedure for confirmation of conformity (certification) of equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Our services

Our experts from EasyGOST EAC Service will quickly determine whether your equipment is within the scope of the TR CU 012/2011 technical regulation.

Specialists from leading laboratories specialising in explosion-proof equipment will take professional care of the certification of your products. We also perform the following tasks:

  • if required, we have necessary laboratory tests carried out;
  • we select a suitable scheme for certification based on TR CU 012/2011; 
  • we assess the degree of protection against explosion. 

In the event of a positive decision on the conformity of your products with the requirements of TR CU 012/2011, you will receive an official certificate that allows your products to gain access to the market and begin delivery.

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