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Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “Safety of High Pressure Equipment” (TR CU 032/2013)

On 2 July 2013, the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission adopted the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the Safety of Equipment Working with Overpressure” (TR CU 032/2013). This entered into force on 1 February 2014. We at EasyGOST EAC Service will take care of the certification of your products in this area.

Products such as vessels, pipelines, valves, safety devices or similar are often used on high-risk industrial objects. By a certification of TR CU 032/2013 the company is approved in the legal system and inspection bodies will not cause you any problems.
From then on you can start delivering your equipment.

Scope of the Regulation

TR CU 032/2013 covers:

  • hot water generators and steam boilers;
  • pipelines and their elements;
  • safety devices;
  • safety armatures;
  • container for high pressure gases, vapours and liquids;
  • pressure chambers;
  • display and safety devices.

One of the most important criteria for determining certification or declaration according to TR CU 032, is the category of pressure equipment.

The categories of pressure equipment range from 1st category (less dangerous) to 4th category (very dangerous).

  • Pressure equipment of category 1 or 2 is subject to the conformity assessment procedure according to TR CU 032/2013 in the form of a declaration. 
  • Pressure equipment of category 3 or 4 is subject to the conformity assessment procedure according to TR CU 032/2013 in the form of certification.

For a determination of the category according to TR CU 032/2013 the following information is required:

  • volume or diameter;
  • operating temperature;
  • maximum allowable working pressure (or design pressure, if not defined);
  • working medium.

After the category has been determined, the determination of the fluid group can be started.

If pressure equipment is operated with different working media, the most dangerous medium must be selected. TR CU 032/2013 divides the environment into two groups:

  • Group 1: Media consisting of flammable, oxidisable, combustible, explosive, toxic and highly toxic gases, liquids and vapours in a single phase and their mixtures.
  • Group 2: All other media except those belonging to Group 1. 

The required parameters can be used to determine the category of your equipment according to Appendix 1 to TR CU 032/2013.

Use our category calculator to quickly learn how to confirm the compliance of your equipment, whether it is a declaration or certification.

Category Calculator

Safety devices and valves always belong to category 4. Only safety devices classified in the same category are excluded.

The categories of pressure equipment according to TR ZU 032/2013 (1, 2, 3, 4) correspond to the categories of pressure equipment according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU (I, II, III, IV).

According to TR CU 032/2013, pressure equipment that falls into the category “good engineering practice” - “category 0” - according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU is neither subject to declaration nor certification.

The Technical Regulations TR CU 032/2013 do not contain:

  • gas distribution and consumption networks;
  • equipment specially developed for use in the field of nuclear energy;
  • equipment operated in the radioactive environment;
  • container or siphon for carbonated beverages;
  • sheathing of high-voltage electrical equipment (switchgear, distribution mechanisms, transformers and rotating electrical machines);
  • tanks working under the pressure caused by the explosion in these in accordance with the technological process or during combustion in the self-expanding mode of high-temperature synthesis;
  • equipment specially designed for use in seagoing and inland waterway vessels and other vessels and underwater applications;
  • braking devices for rail vehicles, motor vehicles and other vehicles;
  • containers specially designed for use in aeroplanes and other aircraft;
  • pipelines, pipelines within the production field and local distribution pipelines intended for the transport of natural gas, petroleum and other products, excluding equipment operated in pressure regulating and compressor stations;
  • parts of machinery not considered to be independent tanks (pump or turbine casings, cylinders of steam, hydraulic or internal combustion engines, aircraft and compressors);
  • medical one-man hyperbaric chambers;
  • equipment with aerosol atomizers;
  • sheaths and housing elements of electrical power transmission systems (power supply cable products and communication cables) working with overpressure;
  • equipment made of non-metallic flexible (elastic) casing;
  • armaments;
  • exhaust silencers or dissipative silencers.

Content of Regulation

TR CU 032/2013 contains:

  • safety requirements;
  • procedure for establishing conformity - certification or declaration;
  • regulations for the preparation of technical documentation (technical passport, operating instructions, safety certificate);
  • rules governing the movement of pressure equipment on the market;
  • labelling requirements.

Our Services

Our experts will determine what procedure is necessary to determine the conformity of pressure equipment with the requirements of TR CU 032/2013:

  • category 1 or 2 equipment is subject to declaration; 
  • category 3 or 4 equipment is subject to certification. 

If desired, we can call on our specialists from leading test laboratories, who are specialized in pressure equipment, and as well

  • we choose from several suitable certification schemes provided for by the regulations;
  • we prepare the required documents (technical passport, operating instructions, safety certificate);
  • we carry out necessary acceptance tests or confirm the authenticity of hydraulic tests carried out by you.

The conformity of your products with TR CU 032/2013 ensures the safety of your pressure equipment and avoids the occurrence of future problems regarding monitoring points (state supervision is carried out by Rostechnadso Authority - Russian Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision).

After the successful certification of your pressure equipment, you will receive an official certificate which allows you access to the market and the delivery of your goods.

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