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We prepare your way for your business success in Russia and all states of the former USSR. Our knowledge is based on our longtime international business experience. In this context we have solved the most difficult business problems for our clients. Your benefit is our success!

Our services:

Previous references:

  • Ex proof equipment
  • metal processing equipments
  • heat exchanger, heating radiator, burner
  • electric equipments (USV, transformers, switchboards, etc.)
  • paper producing equipments
  • water treatment plant and filter equipments
  • refrigerating technique
  • foundry technique
  • irrigating systems
  • pressure tanks
  • surface and coating technique
  • cleaning systems
  • room temperature control systems
  • elevating technique
  • marshaling yard
  • measuring stations for chemical industries
  • equipments for automobile industries (axis measuring tools, test stands )
  • PC and server systems
  • household apparatus and electronics
  • lacquer, paint and other chemical materials
  • oil, lubricating stuff
  • disinfectants
  • foods and drinks
  • and many more
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