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Metrological Certificate for Russia (Pattern Approval Certificate)

The metrological certificate mainly covers the measuring characteristics of measuring instruments.

This certificate confirms that measuring instruments meet the metrological and technical requirements laid down in the legal acts of the Russian Federation.

The Law No. 102-FZ “On Ensuring Uniformity of Measurements” provides the guidelines for the unity of measurements in Russia.

The foundation of the corresponding approval is based on the successful examination and registration in the state register (www.fundmetrology.ru). The metrological certificate/approval certificate is issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rostechregulierovanie).

The successful tests are a prerequisite for approval of this type. Certification/registration may relate to a specific device or device type.

  • In the case of one-time certification, the manufacturing number of the device is entered in the metrological certificate. The device is therefore precisely marked and the certification applies exclusively to it. 
  • In serial certification, a device type is registered. The device is not specified by means of a production number. The term is 5 years. Any number of devices can be introduced within this period. 

By registering this type, the device or device type is entered into the database of the regulatory authority. This ensures that you do not have to re-register a device once it has been registered if the repeated submission of the documents takes place at least 40 days before the expiry date of the current metrological certificate.

The metrological certificate is required for measuring instruments (manometers, temperature sensors, speedometers, water meters, etc. ) used in state monitoring and measurement control. For example:

  • implementation of activities in the field of environmental protection;
  • implementation of activities in the field of the use of nuclear energy;
  • implementation of activities to ensure safety in emergency situations;
  • ensuring safe working conditions;
  • conducting work to assess the conformity of industrial products and other products with the mandatory requirements of Russian Federation legislation;
  • implementation of control over compliance with occupational health and safety requirements;
  • carrying out banking, tax and customs transactions;
  • carrying out trade and goods exchange operations, carrying out work on the packaging of goods;
  • implementation of the accounting of the State;
  • implementation of activities in the field of defence and state security;
  • realization of geodetic and cartographic activities;
  • implementation of activities in the field of hydrometeorology;
  • implementation of activities in the field of medicine, veterinary medicine;
  • official sports competitions, training of top athletes;
  • execution of court orders, law enforcement agencies, state executive bodies;
  • implementation of state control (supervisory) measures.

The metrological certification uses the following evaluation methods:

  • identification of software and evaluation of its effects on metrological characteristics of the measuring instruments (if software is available);
  • verification of compliance with the requirements for measuring instruments, including their components, software and operating conditions;
  • creating a new test methodology or using an existing one;
  • determination of the calibration intervals of the measuring instrument;
  • determination of metrological and technical properties of measuring instruments, including accuracy parameters, expressed in units of measurement approved in the Russian Federation;
  • analysis of the design of the measuring instrument for the existence of restrictions on access to certain parts of the instrument (including software) which prevent unauthorised manipulation which may lead to falsification of the measurement results.

If all tests are positive and the type description and calibration methodology have been prepared, all documentation and applications will be sent to the competent authority. If the application file conforms all criteria, the registration of the measuring instrument and the issuance of the metrological certificate will take place within 40 working days (according to the Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 970 of 25. 06. 2013).

Important Aspects of Metrological Certification

  • The metrological certificate is valid for 5 years.
  • The approved (registered) measuring instruments and their technical documentation (operating instructions, device passport, etc. ) must be marked with a type-approval mark (form and dimensions in accordance with Annex № 4 to Regulation No 1081 of 30 November 2009 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
  • The metrological certificate is issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.
  • The metrological certificate may be issued for a single measuring instrument or for a type of measuring instrument.
  • The metrological certificate (Pattern Approval Certificate) is only issued after the measuring instrument/measuring instrument type has been entered in the state register of measuring instruments (www. fundmetrology. ru).
  • Measuring instruments used in state monitoring and measurement control must be calibrated before commissioning and also after repairs.

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