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Product Registration for EAEU

A product registration is necessary for the following goods:

  • products that have never been exported or sold to the EAEU;
  • products that belong to a special product category to be specified in more detail;
  • products that have never been manufactured before, so they are completely new.

Goods which “belong to a special product category to be further specified”, are products that could harm human well-being. These goods include the following:

  • infant food, dietary products, food supplements, genetically modified nutrients, food additives, biotechnologically modified products, e. g. those fortified with proteins and other foods, and overall foods produced with technologies not previously used in EAEU;
  • chemical household articles, disinfectants, pesticides, also technical means used for the treatment of water;
  • medicines, perfume, cosmetics, tobacco products, oral hygiene products.

This is only a small selection of the products.

Contact us and we will be happy to determine whether your products are subject to the requirements of product registration in the EAEU.

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