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Technical Passport

The technical passport is probably the most important document for the market movement of equipment and products (technical installations) in the area of the Eurasian Economic Union.

It is the fundamental document for the identification of equipment according to TR CU 032/2013.

The technical passport contains all information about your product, operating conditions, technical data and parameters. Every product (machine, system, printing device) needs it. It is enclosed during the entire service life of the goods until the product or equipment finally becomes unusable. In the event of a break, which can no longer be repaired, the technical passport and the product itself will be disposed of.

The technical passport usually includes the following points:

  • information about EAC Certificate of Conformity or EAC Declaration of Conformity;
  • the resources consumed by the product;
  • its useful life;
  • technical data of the product, the equipment;
  • whose component(s).

It is necessary that the technical passport contains the data on the official storage period, conservation, packaging, acceptance, useful information about the operation and its characteristics and information about the disposal of the product.

It is also important that the technical passport refers to information on the rights and obligations of the manufacturer (supplier) with regard to the guarantees under the applicable law.

Product certification is also required for a technical passport. The certification body can use the technical passport to view all the necessary information about the product, its properties, technical specifications and more. Based on this information, permission to use the product is granted.

Technical Passport of a Pressure Vessel

For a complete set of technical documentation relating to a pressure vessel, a special passport is required, which differs in content and design from a machine/facilities passport.

The following information should be included in the pressure vessel passport in accordance with the requirements of Technical Regulation TR CU 032/2013:

General information:

  • name and address of manufacturer;
  • date of manufacture (DD/MM/YYYY);
  • serial number;
  • estimated operational service life.

Information on technical specifications and parameters:

  • operating temperature of the working medium, °C;
  • design useful life;
  • group of working medium (fluid group) - maximum mass of filling quantity, kg;
  • calculation wall temperature, °C;
  • minimum permissible negative wall temperature, °C;
  • name of the working medium;
  • operating, calculation, test pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2);
  • additive for compensation of corrosion (erosion), mm;
  • volume of the tank, m3;
  • empty weight, kg;
  • information on nozzles, flanges, covers, fasteners (including quantity, dimensions, material);
  • other information to ensure safe operation of the pressure vessel;
  • information about safety devices, main valves, control gauges, safety valves (number, nominal diameter DN, calculation pressure PN, body material, installation position);
  • information on the main parts (quantity, dimensions, material, welding specification);
  • illustrations, diagrams, container drawings and other documents (summarised list of plant modifications, parts list, list of main dimensions of assemblies, etc.).

The pressure vessel passport can be issued by the manufacturer of the vessel or by an external organisation.

Technical Passport of a Boiler

The boiler passport (steam boiler passport, electric boiler passport, hot water passport or gas boiler passport), which is an obligatory document in this area, also belongs to the set of operating documentation for this type of pressure equipment.

All the manufacturer's boilers must be supplied with a technical passport in the prescribed form. This is determined by the safety guidelines PB 10-574-03 “Rules for the construction and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers" and PB 10-575-03 “Rules for the construction and safe operation of electric boilers and boiler systems”.

According to the technical regulation TR CU 032/2013 the boiler passport must contain the following information:

General information:

  • name and address of manufacturer;
  • type (Model);
  • dimensions of the boiler and its elements;
  • designation and intended use;
  • serial number;
  • calculated useful life;
  • calculated service life of the boiler and its main parts;
  • date of manufacture (production date);
  • calculated start-up number.

Technical specifications and parameters:

  • fuel consumption, m3/h (t/h);
  • minimum and maximum permissible liquid flow rate, m3/h;
  • calculation, operating, test pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2);
  • maximum permissible hydraulic resistance of the boiler at rated power, MPa (kgf/cm2);
  • minimum allowable pressure at nominal temperature, MPa (kgf/cm2);
  • nominal steam temperature at boiler outlet, °C;
  • calculated temperature of superheated steam (liquid), °C;
  • nominal liquid temperature at boiler inlet, °C;
  • nominal and maximum liquid temperature at boiler outlet, °C;
  • nominal, minimum and maximum permissible steam output, t/h;
  • fuel type and its fuel heat, MJ/kg (kcal / kg);
  • type and combustion behaviour of the combustion plant (burner);
  • nominal, minimum and maximum heat output, kW;
  • heating surface of boiler and main parts, m2;
  • boiler room, m3;
  • information on liquid level indicators (type of indicator, quantity, place of installation);
  • information about the heat transfer medium (designation, maximum permissible application temperature, auto-ignition temperature in free;
  • space, solidification temperature, boiling point, boiling point change depending on pressure, other data influencing safe operation);
  • illustrations, diagrams, drawings of the boiler and its main elements and other documents (summarized list of plant modifications, parts list, specification with indicated main dimensions of assemblies, etc.).;
  • information on main valves (number, nominal diameter, nominal pressure, operating parameters, body material, installation space);
  • information about the main devices for measurement, control, signalling, regulation and automatic protection (quantity, type (brand));
  • information about pumps (type, quantity, operating parameters, drive type);
  • information on safety devices (type, quantity, installation location, cross-sectional area, nominal diameter, coefficient of steam or liquid flow, value (range) of opening start);
  • information about the main elements of the boiler made of steel sheet (quantity, dimensions, material, welding and heat treatment);
  • information about boiler elements made of tubes (quantity, dimensions, material, welding and heat treatment);
  • information on nozzles, lids, ends, transitions, flanges (quantity, dimensions, material);
  • other information to ensure safe operation of the boiler.

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