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EAC – Uniform mark of conformity on the market of the Eurasian Economic Union

ЕАС means Eurasian Conformity.

The EAC marking certifies that products:

  • meet the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, which cover these products, and
  • have passed all the procedures for attesting conformity laid down in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

EAC conformity mark

The conformity mark of the Eurasian Economic Union makes is known for:

  • the combination of letters "Е";, "А"; and "С";
  • the minimum size should ensure the readability of elements and their distinguishability against the background of an object;
  • the letters "Е";, "А"; and "С"; are shown graphically using right angles;
  • exact proportions of a square on a light or contrasting background;
  • the letters "Е";, "А"; and "С"; have the same height and width;
  • the minimum size must not be less than 5 mm.

The EAC conformity mark can be applied in any way that ensures its legible and unique image during the life of the product.

The EAC code on the grid scale:

Conformity sign application rules

If goods have passed all procedures for conformity testing defined by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union in the territory of a participating state of the EAWU and these can be documented with EAC certificates and/or EAC declarations, the manufacturer is entitled to mark his products with the uniform conformity mark EAC.

This can be attached to any type of packaging, product unit or accompanying document (technical passport, operating instructions).

It should be noted that the EAC mark of conformity is monochrome and the surface on which it is affixed provides colour contrast.

The Technical Regulations of the Customs Union define the framework for marking the product, packaging and accompanying documents with the EAC mark of conformity.